New high power Omnicharge battery chargers
( 5027200, 5027220 & 5027420)

New high power Omnicharge battery chargers

Until now, the Omnicharge range offered battery chargers up to 60Amps for 12V systems and 30Amps for 24V systems. The new high power models are extending this up to 90Amps for 12V systems and 50Amps or 80Amps for 24 systems. Additionally, these new models allow a maximum of 6 units to be connected in parallel, boosting the total charge current up to a massive 540Amps. Furthermore, all three models are equipped with 3 full current outputs. Please see some of the many features below :

Universal AC input
Parallel capability up to 6 units
3 battery bank outputs
Selectable charge programs
Lithium compatible
Fully programmable

All models are available now. please visit the product page for more information.

Powersine 200W up to 800W inverters with updated AC sockets
(Schuko, AUS/NZ or UK type AC sockets available)

Small inverters with Schuko socket

After many customer requests, we have decided to change the standard IEC320 AC socket to an EU standard Schuko version. This will apply to all our extruded enclosure inverters from 200W up to 800W. This migration will take place in the coming months, depending on the stock levels of IEC320 equipped models. Some models are already shipping with Schuko sockets. The entire migration should be finished before the end of this year.

Besides the standard installed Schuko sockets, we can also offer British and Australian/New Zealand AC socket types on these inverter models. Please contact us for more information.

Powersine Combi PSC2000-12-80 up to PSC3500-24-70
( 5018100, 5018120, 5018300 & 5018320)

powersine combi inverter/charger range

Uninterrupted power supply guaranteed!

The Powersine Combi recharges the house batteries When AC power is available. It also allows any surplus AC power to pass through and power downstream AC loads, such as a television or microwave oven. When AC power is disconnected, the unit inverts DC battery power into clean AC electricity.

Besides these standard operating conditions, Powersine Combi offers many additional innovative features. For more information, please visit the product page for more information.

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DC Modular and Expert Modular preliminary brochure

Premium quality DC protection and distribution products, plus the new Expert Modular battery monitor!
A brand new line up of high quality DC fuseholders and busbars, as well as the next generation Expert Modular battery monitor, will be available early Q2 of 2016. Please click the above image for the preliminary brochure of these products. Or contact us for more information.

inverter, charger and inverter/charger remote control
Readout and control your TBS charger, inverter or combi product using the Universal Remote Control!
The TBS Universal Remote Control can be used to remotely readout all available parameters like input voltage, output current, power etc. It also offers remote on/off functionality and maximum charge current control. All information is shown on a clear white backlit graphical display. Click here for more information.

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tbs dashboard for windows screenshot

Add virtually unlimited control to your power system.
The Trigger-action feature enables you to assign certain events (triggers) to user defined actions. You can for example configure a Powersine Combi to perform an action when a certain voltage, current or temperature level is reached, or perform an action when an external switch is closed or opened. This offers great flexibility and may in some cases avoid the need to invest in additional external hardware.

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